Busoni Ferruccio
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Empoli (Firenze)

Ferruccio Busoni (Empoli 1866 – Berlin 1924), son of father from Empoli and mother from Trieste who were both excellent musicians, received a careful musical education at an early age. A well-known pianist, he lived abroad for many years between Germany and the United States. During World War I, Busoni fled to Switzerland.  He is considered one of the major personalities of contemporary music. Busoni composed four operas, compositions for orchestra, piano, lied singer, organ, and choir.
In the home where the musician was born is the seat of the Center for Busonian Studies. The building dates to the eighteenth century and is two stories high. Each floor holds three rooms. On the main floor is the Center for Busonian Studies and the museum is on the top floor.
The center administrates an archive, the museum and the library, which contains important texts. In the museum on the top floor there are mementos and heirlooms of various types, some donated by the family: a piano on which the Maestro supposedly practiced, a marble bust, manuscripts, original librettos and some autographs. In the museum there are also concert programs and posters of Busonian music festivals.