Gian Carlo Menotti

Menotti Gian Carlo
  • Address: Via dell’Arringo, I
    06049 Spoleto (PG)
    Tel. +39 0743 46620
  • Visiting Hours: From June to September:
    the days indicated in the calendar
    Morning: 10,30 - 13,00
    Afternoon: 16,00 - 20,00

    From October to January, from April to May:
    the days indicated in the calendar
    Morning: 10,00 - 13,00
    Afternoon: 15,00 - 19,30

    Casa Menotti can be visited, by reservation, also on closed days for groups of people, classes of students, researchers and scholars, by phoning n. 0743.46620 or by fax to n. 0743.23261
  • Website: Casa Menotti
  • Contact: info segreteria

Casa Menotti - Spoleto (PG)

Documentation centre of the "festival dei due mondi"

The Documentation Center of the Festival of two worlds of Spoleto, which is housed in “Casa Menotti”, stands as a sign of continuity between past and present, and gives shape and context to the audio, video and photographic material from the editions of the Festival from 1958, the year of its foundation, until the present day.
This material has been collected over the years by the Municipality of Spoleto, the Festival dei Due Mondi Foundation and the Monini Foundation, which has digitised it and made it accessible.

The Monini Foundation was set up with the intention of making Casa Menotti a memory box.

The Documentation Center of the Festival of Two Worlds it is a year-round open space, suitable for different degrees of in depth researches.
There are spaces dedicated to the Festival’s history, to the figure of Maestro Gian Carlo Menotti, and links between the city of Spoleto and its international cultural context.

An interactive multimedia set-up shows the main themes related to the Festival of Two Worlds and its founder, Maestro Gian Carlo Menotti.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy contents and documentary material of historical, cultural and artistic high value. There is also an interactive itinerary between the various floors of the house.

Through the use of a high-tech, multimedia interactive scenic design relives the atmosphere of the Festival with its music, dance, theatre, screenplays, international connections, well-known faces, timeless images.