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GIOVANNI PASCOLI - San Mauro Pascoli (Forlì - Cesena)

The Pascoli house has been a national monument since 1924. The poet Giovanni Pascoli was born here on 31 December 1855 and spent the early years of his childhood in this so loved home. The family moved to the “Torlonia” estate for a short period and returned to the house after the death of Giovanni's father. Further misfortunes forced the family to sell the house. The poet was always very attached to this house where he spent his youth. Dated back to the 700, the house, was damaged during the II World War and later renovated, respecting the original structure, and transformed in a museum of Pascoli memories.

Gallery - Giovanni Pascoli - San Mauro Pascoli

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giovanni pascoli san mauro
Via G. Pascoli, 46
San Mauro Pascoli (FC)
tel. 0541.810100
fax 0541.934084

Visiting Hours
Museo Casa Pascoli

Estivo (dal 16 giugno al 15 settembre):
dal martedì alla domenica 9.30-12.30 e 16.00-19.00

Invernale (dal 16 settembre al 15 giugno):
dal martedì alla domenica 9.30-12.30 e 16.00-18.00

Ingresso € 2.00
Visite guidate (solo per gruppi e su prenotazione) € 3.00 a persona
Visite guidate a Casa Pascoli e alla Torre (Villa Torlonia) € 5.00 a persona
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