Turci Giulio (Santarcangelo di Romagna)
  • Address: Segreteria: 0541 622160 Via Don Minzoni, 64 Santarcangelo di Romagna, 47822 Italia
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Santarcangelo di Romagna

Giulio Turci’s house is located in Via Don Minzoni at No. 49 in the heart of Santarcangelo di Romagna. It is an attic built in the early 1960s, hidden on the roof of his family house, a building from the 20th century. It can be reached through a wooden staircase inside. Bright and discreet, it preserves the original character of the house, being filled as it is with objects, tools and personal belongings such as paintbrushes, colours, paintings, inks, spatulas, palette knives, chalks, easels, oil paints, books, records, toys, and essentially everything the artist loved. Turci chose this place in the early 1950s, after having lived in the old contrada, in Via della Cella, nearby the Rocca Malatestiana (Malatesta Fortress). Then he moved to the centre of the village, near the central square, eventually settling in this house at No. 49 of Via Don Minzoni.Even today it isrepresents the family gathering place, as his wife Anna Terza Giorgetti still lives in this house. The family takes care of the upkeep of the original furnishings and personal belongings. The artist’s life is still present within the rooms of this house-museum, as the artist personally chose the collection of paintings displayed on the walls, which date from the early 1940s up to his last works in 1978, along with their composition. The two floors on which the everyday life took place seem to present the same result: the artist’s life breathed and was fed on the daily experiences that are still encountered today. In this regard, we could almost smell the coffee wafting up from the kitchen into the attic, where two friends would sit, as if in a sparrow’s nest, whispering ideas on painting, music, the wind, and recollecting memories while out of the small windows they would gaze at the beauty of the hills, the distant mountains, the contrada and the ancient village... In May, the pleasant smell of the lime trees bordering the beautiful village avenue blends with the scents of oil paints or of turpentine.