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ILARIO FIORAVANTI - Roncofreddo (Forlì-Cesena)

The house of the Hoopoe, owes its name to the presence of nests of the bird, and is located in the valley of the Savio River, at the foot of the ancient castle of Sorrivoli. The house was bought in the ‘60s by Ilario Fioravanti, architect, sculptor, designer, engraver and writer, to create his own shelter and for his works. Among his personal and artistic relationships there were the architects Giovanni Michelucci and Pier Luigi Nervi; critics like Giovanni Testori, Antonio Paolucci and Vittorio Sgarbi, the poet Tonino Guerra, the well-known psychiatric Vittorino Andreoli, who defined Ilario Fioravanti’s house as the place “where the characters he created welcome him. Characters he can caress. Here he re-finds his memory. Because, by now, it is made only by his clay artefacts”. Married in advanced age with Adele Briani, he lived a positive turn. An artist’s garden with many bronze works and a large depot with hundreds of sculpture and paper works, complete the house-museum.
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Casa dell’Upupa - Studio Ilario Fioravanti
Piazza Roverella 13
47020 Sorrivoli di Roncofreddo (FC)
Tel. +39 0541 946652
+39 333 6721018

Visiting Hours:
Visits by appointment, preferably on Saturday and Sunday

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