Kitson Phelps (Taormina)
  • Address: Casa Cuseni Via Leonardo da Vinci, 5 98039 Taormina ME (Italia)
  • Visiting Hours: La casa è visitabile su prenotazione. Sono possibili visite guidate su prenotazione scrivendo all’indirizzo mail
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Casa Cuseni - Taormina

Casa Cuseni in Taormina was built by the English painter Robert Kitson at the beginning of the 900th and became soon an important International Artistic Centre. Von Gloeden, Alfred East, Albert Liberty, Charles Ashbee, Cecil Hunt, Frank Brangwyn, Charles Baskerville, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dalì, Henry Moore, Ezra Pound, Tenneesse Williams, Rohal Dahl, Bertrand Russell, Greta Garbo are just few of the celebrities leaving here a memory of their stay.
The house keeps collections of paintings testifying the English Grand Tour in Sicily, and the famous Sir Frank Brangwyn’s dining-room, the only one existing in the world. In this secret room, Frank Brangwyn appears a mural representing homosexuality, in England at that time oppressed and persecuted, while in Taormina was free and protected.
An exceptional representation of a young male couple with an infant, the first civil partnership with adoption in the world art history; a shocking representation for the moral of the time, an issue still nowadays controversial. Casa Cuseni is nowadays official Museum of Fine Arts in Taormina. Its historical garden is part of the Grandi Giardini Italiani. The whole architectural complex, thanks to its high artistic and historic value, has been declared Italian National Monument.