Pavarotti Luciano (Modena)
  • Address: Casa Museo Luciano Pavarotti Stradello Nava, 6 Modena (MO) - ITALY Telefono: 059 460778
  • Visiting Hours: Open daily 10.00 to 18.00 (last admission)
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The house of Maestro Pavarotti was terminated in 2005; it is located in the area he had bought in the mid-eighties.
The villa (where he lived the last years of his life) has been designed following the instructions and drawings which Maestro gave to architects and engineers who have supervised the construction.
Even today this home reflects in every detail the personality of the one who imagined it. The house keeps personal items that he loved and contains the memories of his days spent in the company of family, friends and young students.
The visit to this house will enable visitors to experience Pavarotti in the light of its most intimate and warm rooms, to approach gently to his memory knowing his daily habits, finding the man he was once behind the scenes.
You will especially enjoy the costumes so dear to him, pictures and videos that have marked his great artistic career, the countless awards and awards in a career of over forty years in opera houses around the world.