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Casa natale - Chiaravalle (Ancona)

That of Maria Montessori is a long history of life, thought, research and works that is still miraculously preserved, studied, loved, and put into effect in our days, maybe with more interest, enthusiasm, and responsibility than before.
Her home of birth is situated in one of the more important squares in Chiaravalle and dates back to the early IX century. It is three stories high. Here it has been attempted to reconstruct a long, magic thread of her human and scientific history.

The Montessori Library is divided into two sections: one dedicated to Maria Montessori’s texts that give insight to her thoughts and her methodology, and another section containing texts of other authors about various aspects of the Montessori line of thought. In this section are preserved several years of the periodicals “Life of childhood”, edited by the Rome Montessori Society that analyzes both the Montessori Method and the use of structured materials.

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