Address: Casa Museo Giuliani via Cardinale dell’Olio n 48 76011 Bisceglie (BT) cell 339 18 77576


Mauro, Giuseppe, Sergio, Pantaleo, Giuliani, (Bisceglie 1781-Naples 1829) was one of the most representative composers of the guitar. Equipped with an extraordinary ability to treat it instrument, he moved to Vienna in 1807 remaining there until 1819. In the capital of the Austrian Empire, he was admitted not only in court circles, but also in artistic circles, making friends with the pianists Moscheles, Diabelli, Hummel, and the violinist Mayseder and knowing Beethoven personally. In 1815 he exibited at the Congress of Vienna and in 1823 he settled in Naples at the Bourbon court, where he died on May 7, 1829 at Via Cavallerizza.

Giuliani House Museum was built in a building of 1794 in the heart of the historic center of Bisceglie, and houses a documentary center on the musician and his time. In the house museum they are in fact exposed first original editions of the master, epistolaries, portraits, ancient methods for guitar, and a splendid guitar built in 1804 by the most important Neapolitan luthier Gennaro Fabbricatore and played by Giuliani himself.
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