Renzo Savini

Savini Renzo
  • Address: Via Letizia 11
    40136 Bologna
    phone 3492348646
  • Visiting Hours: from September to June, visits by appointment via the website

    Full ticket € 8,00 - Reduced €5,00
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Casa Museo Renzo Savini - Bologna

Observing Renzo Savini's collection, we're far removed from the idea of a methodological and analytical archive. This careful research of his collection, begun in the 1960s, and ended only after his death in 2018.  A cultured man born in Bagnacavallo in 1931, with a classical education, he first studied at classical high school in Florence, and then took a degree in law at the University of Bologna where he met Nina de Beni, a student at the Faculty of Agriculture, who he would then marry.

 The house, the design of which was assigned in 1964 to the architect Raoul Biancani, is made of various materials: brick, masonry, wood and large windows. In this interesting structure on three floors, the fullness of the brick walls is in constant harmonic play with the large window openings.

Natural light floods these spaces; in different hours of the day, it lights up first one area and then another, playing on the surfaces and the colours of the objects positioned inside the spaces. It's a personal place where every detail has been decided by him; a studied arrangement of alternating rhythms, with accelerations and pauses in which the light always indicates the new key of the score to follow. The large house museum is arranged on two floors, the second of which is surrounded by a panoramic terrace. Every space becomes a setting for expertly arranged artefacts, with a consistent and methodical desire to create a fusion between works and architectural elements of various eras. 

In this dwelling in which every corner speaks of art, there hides, like in the centre of a Renaissance maze garden, a small Kunstkammer in which artifacts of multiple and multiform origins are wonderfully presented on glass shelves, the transparency of the supports making it possible to enjoy what is on display from every angle.