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Villa Bellosguardo - Lastra a Signa (Firenze)

Enrico Caruso, born in Naples, was one of the greatest tenors of our times. He sang in Egypt, Argentina, and Russia, but his greatest successes came in the United States. In 1906 the tenor purchased the large sixteenth century Villa di Bellosguardo once owned by the Pucci family. It was told that the purchase occurred after a promenade with his lover Ada Giachetti: both of them were struck by the magnificent view and the monumental and scenic park. In 1912 was built the gallery to connect the villa to the adjacent farm. The villa is today property of the City of Lastra a Signa and it is best known for its two gardens, both sloping and adorned with pools, fountains and statues. They constitute a typical example of Italian ornamental gardens with cypress, oak trees, and exotic plants such as the Lebanon cedars. The museum Enrico Caruso is founded on the idea the visitor should live a direct meeting with the artist, in the place of his “spiritual recreation” and displays an extraordinary collection of mementos and relics, donated by the Associazione Museo Enrico Caruso-Centro Studi Carusiani di Milano.
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