Fosco Maraini (Molazzana LU)

Maraini Fosco (Molazzana LU)

Maraini’s House Museum at Pasquìgliora (Molazzana, Lucca)

Maraini’s House is located in “Pasquìgliora”, at 982 meters above sea level on the Alpe di Sant’Antonio in the Municipality of Molazzana, in a panoramic position on the Pania Secca. In this remote place that can only be reached on foot, Fosco Maraini reconnected his ties with the Apuan Alps, the mountains of his youth, to which he was so attached that he decided he wanted to be buried in the small cemetery of the Alpe di S. Antonio.
Between 1975 and 2004 - the year of his death - Fosco Maraini spent long periods of each year in this house, where he wrote books and articles among the silence of the woods, views and landscapes.

“I was looking for a nice wild place. One day from Pania I glimpsed a red roof in the distance. It was difficult to track him down. The red roof now covered the shell of an abandoned house. Since 1978, as soon as I can escape from Florence, I take refuge in this paradise. Pasquigliora and surroundings, today abandoned places”.

Fosco Maraini’s House is a type of house museum that represents a testimony of its message, but which also becomes the starting point for a rediscovery and enhancement of the territory in which it is immersed, closely linked to the figure of Maraini. A place where cultural and human values intersect and blend to give visitors not just a visit but a real experience.

From the Maraini’s House it is possible to follow the various important paths to admire the Apuan Alps, including the Path of Freedom and the Path of the Rocchette, where Maraini used to go climbing in the past. There are six paths overall, all of them marked with white and red CAI trail markers. The notice boards describe the peculiarities of the surrounding environment, as well as the events that bind them to Maraini.