Verdi Giuseppe (Sant'Agata)
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Sant’Agata Villanova sull’Arda

VILLA VERDI IN SANT’AGATA, a few kilometres from Busseto, is the house Giuseppe Verdi bought in 1848, with the initial aim of helping his parents get settled. Following the death of the composer’s mother, Verdi himself came to occupy the house, together with his wife Giuseppina Strepponi, leaving his Busseto apartment to his father, Carlo. The married couple resided on the ground floor of the Villa, with the first floor designated to guests and to staff.
In the Villa you can visit the private rooms of Verdi and his wife.
You can also visit Room 157 at the “Hotel et de Milan”, the hotel near the Scala Theatre, where Verdi died on January 27, 1901 at the age of 87. This site was donated to the museum. In the Villa you can visit the Chapel where, by papal concession, people were able to celebrate Mass, as well as the stables, the cellar, and the carriages used by Verdi. There is also the park, with its exotic plants and the memorial to Lulù, his loyal hound.
Villa Verdi is preserved as it was during the great composer’s time there. It is the place where he wrote music, where he’d receive his select guests, and where he proved his talents as an architect and farmer. The Villa thus provides the key with which we can understand the immortal spirit of Verdi, the man himself as well as his genius.
Currently the Villa is inhabited by the heirs of the musician, the Carrara Verdi family, who are descendants of Maria Filomena Verdi.

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