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Cesenatico (Forlì-Cesena)

Marino Moretti was born in Cesenatico on 18th July 1885. In 1901 he left school in order to move to Florence where he wanted to become an actor. Just after a little time he decided to devote his whole life to literature: between 1902 and 1903 he published his first works, short stories and poetries and a few years later he began writing for several newspapers and magazines, such as “Corriere della Sera”. In 1916 he published his first novel Il sole del sabato.
In his Poesie scritte col lapis (1910) the particular character of his poetry, classically defined as “crepuscolare” begins to emerge. The same character is to be found in his prose, stories and novels (among the most famous: I puri di cuore, 1923; L’Andreana, 1938; La vedova Fioravanti, 1941), in which the author describes simple situations of everyday life. His language becomes then fresher and more ironic in autobiographic proses, like Scrivere non è necessario (1937) and I grilli di Pazzo Pazzi (1951).
He received prestigious literary prizes, such as the “Lincei per la Letteratura” prize (1952) and the “Premio Viareggio” (1959).
With Diario senza le date (1966) Moretti reopens a poetical season which will continue intensely for the following years, until his death in Cesenatico on 6th July 1979.
According to his will of 1978 Marino Moretti left all his books and papers to the Public Library of Cesenatico. In 1980 his sister Ines, in respect of his wills, gave to the town of Cesenatico as a present the house along the canal, in order to keep the writer’s library and archives in their original place and to garantee “the study and the education”.
Casa Moretti has been an important study centre on the literature of the twentieth century. Besides its principle aim of preserving and giving prominance to its cultural patrimony, for 15 years the institute has been promoting cultural and research activities. The building houses precious archives and a library of great interest, where people come to study modern and contemporary literature, not only Italian.
Casa Moretti is also a museum where visitors interested in the human and literary character of this poet are welcome.
Since 1993 Casa Moretti has been promoting the prestigious biennal “Marino Moretti” prize for philological, historical and critical works concerning Italian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.