Tedesco Michele
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Casa Domenico Aiello - Moliterno (Potenza)

Michele Tedesco was born in Moliterno on August 24, 1834 by Giacomo and Anna Racioppi, and since she was young, she has revealed her vocation for study and art. A maternal uncle, the abbot prof. Antonio Racioppi, who educated Giacomo Racioppi, summoned him to Naples where he enrolled at the School of Arts and Letters. After completing his studies and painting course, in 1860 he moved to Florence to deepen his studies and His artistic experience and in this city took part in the group of Telemaco Signorini. He visited not only many Italian cities to come into contact with art, but also reached the main cultural centers of all Europe.
During a trip to Bavaria, he met and married the painter Julia Hoffman with whom she lived in Naples. He soon became an educated and ingenious artist and always lived on the income of his work. After 1877, he moved to Portici where, working as a painting master, taught design and was also director of the School of Drawings and Sketches. In 1890 he won the Drawing of Designers at the Institute of Fine Arts in Naples. In a short time he became famous and admired and collaborated in several newspapers of art criticism and exhibition. He died in 1917.

In the Domenico Aiello home there are 18 notebooks, drawings and watercolors that embrace an arch of about 20 years and eloquently testify how vast and articulate his personality was.

There are also real master oils such as “La morte del cardellino “ and “La segreta attesa “.
The Casa Museo Domenico Aiello was born as a tribute of his son Gianfranco to his father figure.
In July 2010, after a careful restoration, this Lucan house was inaugurated as a place of culture.
Saturday, June 18, 2016, six years after its opening, has undergone a new exhibition in its final appearance of the Museum of nineteenth-century Lucan.
It houses in particular precious rarity of the greatest Lucanian painter Michele Tedesco (also native of Moliterno). The oils, the drawings, the 18 artist notebooks of the latter are flanked by the works of the other great artists: Giacomo Di Chirico, Vincenzo Marinelli, Angelo Brando, etc.